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Per­fo­mance Whiti­fi­ca­tion  2011

Born in Valen­cia, Spain in 1965 Amadeo Peñalver grad­u­at­ed with a degree in fine art from the Uni­ver­si­dad Politec­ni­ca de Valen­cia in 1987. In 1988, he won a schol­ar­ship to attend the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux Arts in Paris.

He devel­oped his paint­ing style in tan­dem with inter­na­tion­al artists involved in the Euro­pean avant-garde of the 1980’s.

In 1989, Peñalver trav­els exten­sive­ly in South Amer­i­ca and his expe­ri­ences in the Ama­zons in par­tic­u­lar rever­ber­ate through much of his work in the 1990’s

In 1991, Amadeo moves to New York and founds “Ape Gallery” in Soho. From this vibrant and exper­i­men­tal art space he exhibits paint­ings, instal­la­tions, per­for­mances and sculp­tures by him­self and a range of inter­na­tion­al artists.

In 2000, Peñalver co-founds “Fish Tank Gallery” in Williams­burg, Brook­lyn. The gallery was one of the first art spaces to open in Williams­burg, an area which has grown into an artis­tic Mec­ca for Amer­i­can artists. He con­tin­ues to exhib­it there with a range of US and inter­na­tion­al artists.

In 2007, Amadeo moves his stu­dio to Green­point, Brook­lyn. Over the next 7 years he ded­i­cates him­self to large for­mat oil paint­ings on linen and cre­ates the series “Black” and “Live”.

Stu­dio Green­point Brook­lyn  2007

Head full birds 2011

In 2010, ‘Live” is a col­lec­tion of 12 paint­ings cre­at­ed through per­for­mance paint­ing, cap­tur­ing the ener­gy of the here and now.

In 2014, Amadeo estab­lish­es “Peñalver Stu­dio” in Mont­clair, NJ. In the fol­low­ing years Amadeo devel­ops a body of work on paper, using a mix of print­mak­ing tech­niques, oil paint­ings and sculp­tures, focus­ing on human rela­tions. He works and exhibits from his stu­dio.

Peñalver Stu­dio. Open­ning 2014

Peñalver Stu­dio. Mont­claire 2014

In 2021, after more than thir­ty years in the US, Peñalver has returned to Europe and is liv­ing and work­ing in Valen­cia.

Amadeo’s art­work is includ­ed in pri­vate and pub­lic col­lec­tions around the world.