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Amadeo Peñalver was born in Valencia, Spain in 1965. He studied fine art at the Universidad Politecnica de Valencia and Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux Arts, Paris. He developed his painting style in tandem with international artists involved in the European avant-garde of the 1980’s. He works predominantly with acrylic on canvas until the mid-90’s when he switches to oil on canvas.

In 1989, Peñalver finishes his studies and travels extensively in South America. His experiences in the Amazons in particular reverberate through much of his work in the 1990’s

In 1991, he sets himself up permanently in New York. In the same year Peñalver founds “Ape Gallery” in Soho, an experimental art space where he exhibits paintings, installations, performances and sculptures. Over the next decade the studio space moves between Soho and Chelsea.

In 2000, Peñalver co-founds “Fish Tank Gallery” in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The gallery was one of the first art spaces to open in Williamsburg, an area which has grown into an artistic Mecca for American artists. He continues to exhibit with a range of US and international artists.

In 2007, Amadeo moves his studio to Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Over the next 7 years he dedicates himself to large format oil paintings on linen and creates the series “Black” and “Live”.
‘Live” is a collection of 12 paintings created through performance painting, capturing the energy of the here and now.

Circle 3

In 2014, Amadeo establishes “Peñalver Studio” in Montclair, NJ. In the following years Amadeo has developed a body of work on paper, using a mix of printmaking techniques, oil paintings and sculptures, focusing on human relations. He continues to work and exhibit from his studio.

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Selected Exhibitions and Timeline

October 20: " The sound of a white orchid" at Peñalver studio, Montclair , New Jersey.

November18 : Paintings and Monotypes at Peñalver studio. Montclair , New Jersey.
September1 : Monotypes, the Group Gallery exhibition, St Augustine, Florida.

Group etching Exhibition at MAM, Montclair Art Museum, New Jersey.

December 5th: Etchings exhibition at P.S. Art Lab Brooklyn , New York.

May 9th: Amadeo Penalver Exhibition in Instituto Cervantes, New York.
February: Sculpture at " San Bernabe Foundry" Valencia Spain

December 4 Performance-painting " Positive Energy" at P.S. Art Lab Brooklyn, New York.
November 4 Performance-Video "Portrait" at P.S. Art Lab Brooklyn, New York.
October 9 Performance-painting "Out of my Castle" at P.S. Art Lab Brooklyn, New York.
September 4 Performance-painting "Look in my Eyes" at P.S. Art Lab Brooklyn, New York.
August 7 Performance-painting "Paella on the Grass" at Catskill Natural Reserve, New York.
July 3 Performance-painting "Whitification" at P.S. Art Lab Brooklyn, New York.
June 5 Performance-painting "Garrote" at P.S. Art Lab Brooklyn, New York.
May 1 Performance-painting "Brooklyn Roommate" at P.S. Art Lab Brooklyn, New York.
April 3 Performance-painting"Head Full of Birds" at P.S. Art Lab Brooklyn, New York.
March 6 Performance-painting " Duel" at P.S. Art Lab, Brooklyn. New York

October 6-7 Performance-painting "Red Circle", at Time Square Plaza, New York, Spain Art Fest'10
July 28 - Performance-Painting "Bull on a Rope" ,at Theater Zero,Seoul, 9th Korea Experimental Art Festival.
January-April ,China

September 18, 2009,"Melting and Melding: 20 Years of Transformation" Phase 2 paintings Large format at Peñalver Studio
September 9 – October 22, 2009 "BLACK AND WHITE" Location: The Gabarron Foundation-Carriage House Center for the Arts 149 E 38th Street, New York, NY 10016
July 16th"Melting and Melding: 20 Years of Transformation"Phase1; paintings small format at Penalver Studio

September 19th, "BLACK" oil on linen paintings large format solo exhibition at Penalver studio, New York.

October 20th , LIVEIII: "Internal Lanscapes" Review by Alex Palmer In L.A. Splash Magazines Worldwide
March-09 opening new studio: "Penalver studio" 307 Eckford street. Brooklyn. New York 11222.
April-29 exhibition of etching in the Winter Tree Gallery in Sag Harbor.

Catskills natural reserve, Greenne County, New York, establish a new open space, home of an art studio, sculpture garden and experimental exhibition space. Long term continually developing

Solo exhibition, Paintings,Atelier M&W , New York
Group exhibition, Etchings, Winter Tree Gallery, New York

Gets chosen as one of the artists for "The New Irascibles", photo session with the photographer Timothy Greenfield-Sanders.
Live2 “Circle” in the clock tower, P.S. 1, "MOMA" Museum of Modern Art. New York, USA.

After 7 years working mainly in painting, he creates for the city of Valencia “The Dog of Marchalenes”, a sculpture of iron.
Starts a new painting period of vivid colors and happiness. Gets the opportunity to work with Chinese artist Pan Xing Lei, a post Tiananmen Square artist.
Group Exhibition, MPI Gallery, New York
Solo Exhibition “Paintings”, Fish Tank Gallery, Brooklyn, USA
“The Marchalenes Dog”, sculpture, public park, Valencia, Spain

Founds the Fish Tank Gallery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, an experimental space with the purpose of sharing new ideas with the effervescent artistic community of Brooklyn.
Group Exhibition “Splash”, Fish Tank Gallery, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, USA
Solo Exhibition “Blood Dripping In Single Position”, Fish Tank Gallery, Brooklyn, USA
Live1 “The Rape of Europe”, live creation, Fish Tank Gallery, Brooklyn, USA
“ Elsewhere” Art Festival, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, USA
Miami Art Fair, M.Y. Art Prospects, Florida, USA

Short visit to this home town in Spain where he reconnects with the old tradition of "the killing of a pork".He documents this event in photographs. Important for him to see the relation between "domesticated" land and animal and humans in the need for survival.
Solo Exhibition “The Cry Of A Child”, Atelier M&W, New York, USA
Group Exhibition at the Tabakman Gallery, New York, USA
Group Exhibition at M.Y. Art Prospects, New York, USA
Group Benefit Auction “New York Academy of Art”, New York

Returns to NY. Develops the Magenta Series based on the spirituality of the Amazon forest.
Group Exhibition, White Box Gallery, New York, USA
Group Exhibition “Generous Miracles”, New York, USA

Lives 4 months in Madrid. Works with painter Amadeo Roca, who won the silver metal of the Grand Palais in 1930. Departs for 3 months for the Amazon again. Visits different Caribbean Islands in search for nature untouched by human beings.

Presents to the public “The birth of Bernabe Villar” at the Art Fair in Caracas.
Travels to Turkey. Discovers the beginning of the occidental culture: Kuroi and Korai, archaic Greek sculptures, Ephesus and the rich legend of the ottoman emporium. Paints at Cunda Egeo Sea. Has incredible, mind opening conversations with the writer Serham Ada specialist on Turkish art and culture and Juan Luis Marco arabic specialist.
Solo exhibition “From Your Breast Milk, From The Sky Water”, Ape Gallery, New York, USA
Solo exhibition, Briseno Gallery, Caracas, Venezuela

Returns to New York. Continues the APE Gallery in a new experimental space in Chelsea, Pier 64.
Group exhibition, Roger Smith Gallery, New York, USA
Group exhibition, Galleria La Florida, Caracas, Venezuela
Group exhibition, Ape Gallery’s new location,Chelsea- Pier 64

Travels to Mexico where he experiences with hallucination mushrooms in Tuztlade Gutierrez, which is a pre-hispanic ritual.

Moves back to the Spanish Mediterranean coast to search for his Mediterranean root. There he develops works which reflects the light and colors of his ancestral heritage. Studies the Iberian pre-roman culture and visits the Altamira Caves. Travels to Morocco where he is very impressed by the colors of their markets, especially the Medina of Fez.
Solo exhibition “I, Man”, Ape Gallery, New York, USA

Is strongly dedicated to Ape Gallery. Develops installations and sculptures which questions the relationship between humans and society. Presents to the public “The birth of KEIJITO”.
Solo exhibition “Don’t touch me, I am glass”, Ape Gallery, New York, USA
Solo exhibition “You have lost the faith fools”, Ape Gallery, New York, USA
Group exhibition “Event”, Ape Gallery, New York, USA
Solo exhibition “Paintings”, Ape Gallery, New York, USA
Group exhibition “Prescribed Sanctuaries”, Ape Gallery, New York, USA
Group exhibition “Occident in Orient”, Ape Gallery, New York, USA

Founds APE Gallery, an "experimental space", at 9 Bond Street, New York.
Solo exhibition, Marques del Campo Museum, Valencia, Spain
Group exhibition, Montserrat Gallery, New York, USA
Solo exhibition, Ape Gallery, New York, USA

Moves to Venezuela where he works in the heart of the Amazon jungle and then to Los Roques in the Caribbean. “The power of nature is impressive. Men had to build cities to be able to control nature”, he says.
Get's invited by Mr.Cueco and the Ecole Nationale Superieure des beaux Arts to travel to Paris and to develop there as an artist. But he turns this offer down and leaves for Ibiza (Balear Islands, Spain) with painter Rafael Bujanda instead.
Charmed by the energy and cultural life of what he considers the world’s capital of art, he returns to NY.

Group Exhibition at the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Art, Paris.
Leaves for San Francisco to do research on Chinese Contemporary Art for his MBA at the University of Berkeley. But gives up his academic career to dedicate himself solely to his artistic work.

Wins the first art scholarship in Spain given by the European Community, to attend the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts, Paris.
There he works in the Atelier Cueco with a group of international artists in the European avant-garde alongside Boltansky, Cobra Group etc.
In that year travels to Mexico and establishes a relationship with sculptor Francisco Soto and painter Adrian Bellon. He is strongly moved by the Meso-American culture and the surrealistic Mexican life. Also travels to the United States for the first time and visits Boston and New York.

Visits the “Documenta” in Kassel, Germany.
Gets selected as one of ten Spanish artists for the ”Quintanar Palace Grant”. Works in the landscapes of Castilla.
Takes part of the group exhibition at La Bomba, Valencia, Spain
Group exhibition, Torreon de Lozoya, Segovia, Spain

Travels to Paris and later to Italy to study further the post-modern and neo-realists movements.

Travels to Italy where he is deeply impressed by the people and the culture.
Group exhibition, Ateneo Mercantil, Valencia, Spain.

Begins studies in fine art at the University Politecnica of Valencia, Spain

Studies drawing and painting at the Academy of Jose Calvo Falomir, painter.

Travelto Barcelona (Spain) where he discovers the work of Dali, Picasso, Miro and Gaudi.
First Group Exhibition at the age of 14 in Centro Cultural Casinos (Valencia, Spain).

First paintings of Valencian landscapes

Born in Valencia, Spain

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